We can't agree on all with what everyone might say but in listening we learn and pull in ideas from all sources and make better conclusions. Our conclusion is that not every thing is a 100 % certain. However here are some interesting observations. Seems corona virus and other experiments where done in South Carolina, the moved to Wu Han China. Convenience here China and the U.S. could blame each other. Also 5G was being experimented on or released, not sure if one has anything to do with the other. Both Dr Fauci and Bill gates made predictions of up coming pandemics before 2018. Some say virus was man made, if so why and what where its components. Some of the doctors here have much information. Perhaps it was some sort of designer virus that could be manipulated in some ways. It does seem like it may of not been as deadly as first envisioned. Many strange cases of deaths being listed as Covid 19 when in fact the death had another cause. Seems many people do agree that all manipulations are leading everyone to take a vaccine which may be more harmful then good. We will bring forth information that is out there and some that has been withheld in order to protect our self's and our freedoms, which are being taken away day by day.
Our freedom fighters have different platforms, some have been guest to others because of censorship of their ideas. We will try to provide a link to their videos while trying to provide consistency in our format. Please look up other info on these freedom fighters. Thank you for viewing information rather then excepting all that is told to us by those with an agenda to enslave. Awakening is the first step to Freedom.

Bill Gates, Dr Fauci and World Order connections



Dr Judy Mikovits has been through hell and is being continually censored despite very sound arguments. A nemesis against Dr Fauci . Watch Plandemic 1 and 2. Valuable insights into the Covid 19 manipulation. How everything has been planned.

Dr. Robert F Kennedy Jr. Has dedicated much of his life the study of vaccines and environmentally unsafe materials. Has won many law suits as a practicing Lawyer.

Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM is the international best selling author of the Wall Street Journal, USA Today. Brings great insight into the world of vaccines and whats going on with covid 19. His youtube channel was removed. This is what happens when you speak the truth.

DR PAMELA POPPER, President Wellness Forum Health. Pam Popper is the founder and President of Wellness Forum Health. May ny insights into covid 19,other health issues and gives info on information that has been manipulated by mainstream media.

Dr. Andrew J. Kaufman, brings insight into the lies about Covid 19

Bill Gates wants to help the world with vaccines so he can help the elites depopulate the world.

Doctor explaines that the vaccines could possible kill us all.

Doctor talks about the experiments that were done on covid and animals died but the vaccines were released anyway.

An excellent explanation of our current situation from Dr Mike Yeadon. He is the former Vice President of Pfizer. He has a 1st class Honours Degree in Biochemistry and Toxicology and a research based PhD in Respiratory Pharmacology.

Been saying covid was made for the vaccines. Fauci and the world order are all participants.

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